immunoBox : Kit immunoProfil England


Kit for blood sampling and transport for immunoProfil from ENGLAND


Kit for blood sampling and transport for immunoProfil diagnostics. Only for England shiping.

To know before ordering: the immunoBox is delivered without prepayment when ordering (order price announced = zero euro), but you will be charged 60 euros by the laboratory when sent to your address. The corresponding bill of fees will be included in your immunoBox, your payment will have to be attached to the return of your samples. If you do not return the samples within 15 days after receipt of the immunoBox, this 60 euros fee will be claimed by mail. Any order of immunoBox on this site is worth for acceptance to pay these expenses, even if you do not want to carry out the analyzes any more. These expenses concern the shipping costs to your address, the costs of material and packaging or the cost of returning your samples to the laboratory (costs separated from the cost of the analyzes).

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