For patients: functional and nutritional questionnaire

This questionnaire allows us to assess:

  • your eating habits
  • your lifestyle
  • your feelings

It allows the practitioner to carry out a very detailed exploration of:

  • the balance of neurotransmitters,
  • the quality of skin – hair – nails,
  • the genitourinary area,,
  • the digestive area,
  • infectious signs,
  • joint pain,
  • your cardiovascular status,
  • your bone status,
  • acid-alkaline balance,
  • the fatty acid status,
  • and cellular protection and communication..

How does it works ?

1/ Answer the online questionnaire, it will then be automatically sent out to the nutrition department of the SYNLAB-BARLA laboratory for its operation. The cost is 10 euros.

2/ / As soon as the questionnaire is received, the laboratory will contact you to give you your ID and password codes to access the laboratory server so that you can pay these 10 euros.

3/ As soon as the operation is complete, you will then be able to access your assessment report: summary of your various functional assessments, biological analyzes to be carried out to explore your imbalances and your initial dietary and lifestyle recommendations. See an example below.

How do I keep a record of my answers while waiting for my evaluation report?

We thank you for trusting us. Answer the questionnaire from your computer and when you have finished, use the Print button that will appear on the last page (choose pdf as the printer format if you wish to be able to save the document to your computer).

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

On the last page of the questionnaire, don’t forget to click on the “Envoyer” button!